Reviews on TGL No.T5026 PORSCHE 911 GT2-RS

Reviews on TGL No.T5026 PORSCHE 911 GT2-RS

Reviews on TGL No.T5026 PORSCHE 911 GT2-RS

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Released time: August 2022


Chassis lifting is one of the rarest features among all these MOC car models on the market, especially when we see this feature on a 1:8 scale car model, making it our topic today.

This 1:8 model by the 3rd party manufacturer TGL is very functional. The electric chassis lifts and the doors are opened and closed electrically.

▼ The front view of the box is a black background with real objects. The details and movable parts are introduced on the back. The lower right corner is the finished product size mark.

The official dimension is 57 * 18 * 28 in cm which is 22 * 7 * 11 in inch. The dimension is 1:8 scale.

The wide-body wheel eyebrows are also very special. It is worth mentioning that the lamps have a high degree of reduction. It can be seen that there are four small lamps in the four corners. This brand new transparent part of the lamps has also restored this.

The static version is standard configuration, and the remote control version can be upgraded by yourself or by purchasing a dynamic upgrade package separately. The dynamic components include (XL motor * 2, L motor * 1, M motor * 1, servo motor * 1, extension cable * 2, 2.4G lithium battery box * 1, remote controller * 1)


Two inner boxes are drawn out in the drawer type, and the two inner boxes form the line drawing of the vehicle. The self sealing bag of this set of products is back again. I like self sealing bags, which can be used to hold many different things.

A total of 10 big step parts packages. It is highly commendable that all parts are located to 3 bags per step. A total of 3300 pieces are divided in 10 big steps, which means over 300pcs in each main step, this is very comfortable when building!

▼ The appearance parts are all electroplated metal paint parts, which are separately packaged and placed in a general package, and the pins are separately placed in a general package. A total of 3 large general packages. The wheel hub is a common design.

▼ This manual is 236pages thick to the waist of a minifigure. There are 10 major steps of bags to follow along.

▼ If you buy the dynamic version, you can label it with stickers, and then connect it to test whether the motor works normally. The dynamic and static instructions are slightly different. Static version see the gray part of on the page, while dynamic users see the green part on the page. We strongly recommend that you buy the dynamic version which has more fun than the static ones.

▼ The stickers are only carried out after the final completion. 2 stickers need to be pasted at 21 positions in total

Assembly process

▼ Starting from the front axle, the suspension design is very special. The principle is to drive the spiral gear on the top through the rotating wheels on both sides at the bottom to change the suspension height and make the chassis lifting.

The servo is also not installed in the normal forward direction. It is designed to be installed horizontally at the front end, since there is no room for it at the back. Of course, the static version does not need to deal with this, as long as the rack is centered.

▼ It should be noted that on manual, there is a flashing star sign on the right of the part, which means that the sprayed parts should be used.

There is a silver and green sign below, which means that if you buy the green version, you will find the green part. If you buy the silver version, you will use the silver part. These parts will be in another general package. Remember, otherwise you will think that many parts are missing.

▼ Let me test the lifting function of the electric chassis with the motor.

Two XL motor power are placed on the rear axle for outputs. I also like the docking of components. Here, two large components are first docked with two shafts and two pins, and then a chassis is added on for reinforcement. This is a very nice docking method.

▼ The complexity of the chassis is to level the four rotating wheels, otherwise the chassis will rise and fall unbalance. Of course, it can be adjusted by force, that is, you can first adjust the rotating wheels to the highest or lowest, and let them keep beating teeth. When the teeth jump, it can be unified then.

Step 234 These long bolt connectors can be pressed in by fingers, but I think they will hurt. In order to protect my beloved fingers, I will recommend you to use a hammer to assemble them.

A gearshift design in the middle of the car body is used for switching between 2 drive and 4 drive. Both seats can be adjusted forward and backward manually.

▼ A six cylinder engine is horizontally placed with belts moving clockwise, which can rotate together during linkage.

The rear will be covered with decorative panels to show you the structure of the tail. This huge tail is also one of the highlights of this suit, the color matching of the King of Gold and Silver.

▼ Tips, the wheel eyebrow parts are different. Please pay attention. Turn it over, there is a number on the left side of the part, which is 40, but there are large and small parts. The small 40 is for the tail, and the large 40 is for the front wheel. Please pay attention! Step 509 requires for a small short hose. Then assemble two more doors.

▼ For the connecting rod of the ball head of the door, remember to replace it with the four black tight rods at the beginning. The black rods in this package of parts are loose.

One of the place is also assembled with four bolt connectors. This one doesn't need a hammer. We need to use some strength to press it down.

▼ After the four wheels are finally installed, install the wide body wheel eyebrows.

It should be noted that the wide body wheel eyebrows also distinguish the front from the back, but they are very easy to distinguish, so they are not marked.


Dynamic gif display

▼ First let's see that when the chassis is lowered to the bottom, the rebound is basically ineffective and the suspension stroke is insufficient.

Turn the middle gear to raise the whole chassis. This suspension rebound will have an effect.

To sum up

The appearance is very similar to that of a frog, but it can be seen at a glance that it is 911.

The appearance and texture of spray plating are very good!!

The chassis structure is a complex, and the transmission structure is simple and efficient.

The chassis lifting function is good.

Spraying process of appearance parts, very good texture, no paint falling off.

Parts are very tight.

It can be pushed, the door can be opened and closed remotely, and the front cover/rear cover can be opened and closed.

Steering linkage, engine linkage, chassis lifting.

It can be placed statically and played dynamically

It is extremely difficult to assemble, and can be completed independently with certain assembly experience. It requires older children to assemble. The long bolt connector should be installed with a hammer tool.

This product, I think, has made a lot of progress in stepped bags. We really have a sense of seeing three or four small packages in one step, so that everyone can take a big step at own pace. It doesn't take much time and there is no pressure.

The overall appearance can be said to be very restored. I would like to commend the fact that the spray plated parts did not lose paint during installation, which is very good.

To sum up, I personally think it is a 1:8 block car that must experience the dynamic version.

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